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Knowledge Transfer vs. Training: How to Transfer Skills not Just Knowledge in Today’s Digital Age

Speaker: Giselle Kovary, Susan Armstrong

How much time and energy are you and your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) spending on long virtual calls trying to train employees on new policies, products and standard operating procedures without impacting skills and behaviour? How often is there minimal change in knowledge or application that results in the need for re-training? What is the lost opportunity by not delivering effective learning the first time? SMEs deliver great presentations, but they are not trainers. To be successful, they need to acquire some fundamental L&D principles and practices. In this webinar you will learn quick ways to improve knowledge transfer in your organization by enhancing how SMEs deliver training content. By the end of this webinar, you will be able to: - Quantify the amount of time and energy wasted and performance lost from in-effective knowledge transfer sessions - Identify new tools and techniques to help SMEs transfer knowledge/skills more effectively - Identify which principles of L&D SMEs need to know to be effective in their delivery - Describe impactful ways to improve knowledge transfer during SME sessions - Design a plan to improve your SMEs’ abilities to deliver training not just a presentation


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