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Formalize Your Sales Enablement Practice with Building Blocks & Systems Thinking

Speaker: Mike Kunkle

An emerging profession, sales enablement is quickly approaching a crossroads with significant ramifications. Like our training and HR counterparts, sales enablement practitioners face a choice of being viewed as a cost center and overhead expense or a business partner that provides value as a critical piece of the organizational growth engine. Join this webcast, where your questions are welcomed and expected. Learn how to start or evolve your sales enablement function to deliver bottom-line performance results! In this ATD Watch & Learn webcast, sales enablement expert Mike Kunkle will: - Describe the current state of sales enablement from multiple perspectives. - Share his Building Blocks of Sales Enablement as a foundation and formal maturity model. - Detail two systems that support sales readiness and enablement (applying systems thinking to sales enablement). - Provide a large appendix of complimentary resources.


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