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Choosing an LMS: 5 Must-Know Considerations

Speaker: Randy Jones, Courtney Bentley

Miss the session at ATD? No worries. Catch eThink for a live webinar... When looking for a new Learning Management System, there are a multitude of questions that must be asked, starting with: What functionality is critical to reach our L&D goals? One consideration that people often overlook is the type of technology that an LMS uses, which is important to consider when evaluating whether an LMS will be able to provide the type of functionality you’ll need to meet your goals. Determining your functionality wish list is the first step and one that goes hand-in-hand with determining whether you’d prefer an open-source or a closed-source platform. Furthermore, it’s important to do your research to learn what functionality and tools are now available in the ever-changing eLearning market. As the eLearning ecosystem continues to evolve at a rapid rate, even if you did comprehensive research within the past 12 months, there will be new advancements, tools, and technology to consider. As a part of this session, we’ll discuss how integrations, reporting, mobile, and accessible design should be top functionality considerations. During this webinar, we will discuss: - How to determine what is truly important to your organization’s L&D ecosystem - The LMS functionality you should consider (and not consider) when evaluating new solutions - Why the type of technology your LMS uses is important, including significant considerations regarding data ownership, security, LMS configuration, product updates and most importantly support - How to create an LMS RFP to ensure selection of the best possible vendor/platform


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