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Transitioning From the Military Into the Training Industry_Trimmed

Speaker: Jill Marshall Annitto

Leaving the service can feel daunting; worrying about finding your first civilian job can be tough. But chances are you already have the skills and experience you need to enter a rewarding career field with good job prospects—learning and development (L&D). From leadership to communication, creative thinking, and conflict resolution, the military has instilled in you competencies that can be used for your first training and development job. We can show you how. Join us for this webcast in which you will: • Be introduced to the daily life of a trainer and L&D professional. • Learn about the job prospects and paths in this field. • Discover what skills easily transfer from your military service. • Explore how to frame your experience so a civilian employer can understand it. • Find out from a service member how they transitioned into being a trainer.


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