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Leveraging Psychology and Brain Science to Optimize Retention and Behavior Change

Speaker: Todd Maddox, Ph. D., Dr. B. Price Kerfoot

This must-attend webcast for learning and enablement leaders deep dives into the psychology of corporate learning with learning scientist Todd Maddox. He will be joined by spaced education pioneer and Qstream co-founder Dr. B. Price Kerfoot, who will evidence how brain science, together with technology, can change behavior. In this webcast, you will learn: - the psychology of continuous learning for hard and soft skills development - the proof behind best practice microlearning and what it is - the impact of spaced learning on knowledge retention and behavior change - the application of microlearning in corporate enterprise. After attending this webcast, you will: - Be armed with evaluation criteria for identifying best-of-breed microlearning solutions. - Become expert in how to effect behavior change at scale in the corporate learning environment. - Provoke thinking that applies proven spaced education research your own workplace L&D programs.


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