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Inspire a More Loyal and Productive Workplace With the Respect Effect

Speaker: Paul Meshanko

By investigating research from the field of neuroscience and engaging the perspectives of an organizational development practitioner, training can take on a new dimension as we investigate how brain science is helping to shape the work cultures of tomorrow. If an organization adopts the transnational power of respect, there will be improved business culture, productivity, and profitability. In this session, learn how to incorporate an environment of engagement and trust, which ignites the brain to be more productive, less stressed, and highly innovative. Based on the concepts of neuroleadership, participants will learn the 12 rules of respect and develop affirmative reminders to increase positive behaviors in the workplace. The speaker will be presenting concepts and research focused on improving the culture in organizations. His research indicates that employees who engage in respectful behavior are more likely to have higher job satisfaction, better physical health, greater customer satisfaction, and less stress, which carries over to the organization's increase in productivity and resiliency. The session will also address individual change as it relates to brain function and the neuroscience behind the behaviors. The speaker will give an in-depth training module on the brain's chemical interactions and tools for developing new self-image and respectful interactions.


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