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Training for Multiple Cultures

Global Agility: Working With Diverse Cultures Around the World or Just Across the Hallway

Speaker: David Yesford

Whether across the ocean or across the hallway, most organizations today work globally and interact with multiple cultures. Organizations focused on building the structure, systems, and processes to achieve their global strategy, but often give little attention to the people that make the systems work. As the champion of developing your organization's people, your responsibility now includes making sure they are a globally agile workforce. In this session, we will examine global cultural agility—the readiness (mindset) and adaptability (skill set) required to execute the organization's strategy in a global environment. You will use a global cultural audit to benchmark your organization's readiness and adaptability. The speakers will share the five dimensions that are critical to creating a global mindset for understanding and embracing cultural differences. Then, they'll introduce a practical tool to help you recognize potential conflicts due to cultural differences and equip you to effectively manage the interactions. You will participate in an in-depth exercise focused on one of these dimensions to gain a clearer understanding of what is needed to cultivate a global mindset and skill set. At the end of the session, you'll know how take this perspective back to your organization.



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