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Tools and Process Improvement

The Science of Sales Enablement

Speaker: Chanin Ballance

Crafting effective sales enablement content is an art, but its underpinnings lie solidly in science. This presentation not only shows what works when it comes to training your reps on how to engage prospects more effectively, but also explains why. Peek into the inner workings of the brain and discover: -how research on decision making can help you craft a compelling story that engages prospects and communicates your company’s true value -the science underlying the enablement process, and how you can develop and deliver content that syncs with the way your salespeople learn and process information -how technologies, such as guided selling, greatly boost training effectiveness with just-in-time recommendations of relevant training bursts, job aids, and marketing collateral. This webinar will give you the information you need to help your team have more effective selling conversations and close more deals.



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