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Measurement & Evaluation

Measuring the ROI of Public Speaking Beyond the Warm Fuzzies

Speaker: David Dec

This event will teach the public speaker how to show their clients the benefits of hiring them for a public speaking event using tried and tested methods of ROI. Participants will be able to answer one or all of these questions: Will this make me money? Will this save me money? Will this solve a problem? Attendees will then be able to report on these results showing their clients the ROI of their speaking engagements. Reporting on the ROI level of evaluation is a powerful tool for the public speaker to sell their services and improve their clients’ business. By the end of this webcast, attendees will learn how to: Define the ROI process for public speaking opportunities Determine if ROI is right for their service Map the ROI to a client’s requirements from a public speaking engagement Communicate on industry and client specific results of public speaking opportunities and training Put the puzzle together: Evaluation process of public speaking engagements Overcome the Barriers of ROI Report data so that they are perceived as usable and relevant to the target audience



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