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Dear Managers: Heed the Signs of Stress in the Workplace

Speaker: Michael Lee Stallard

In today’s workplace, performance demands and stress are on the rise while relational support is in decline. As a result, many workers are struggling. The current state is contributing to an increase in anxiety, depression, and addiction. Research shows that nearly half of Americans have one or more addictions that have a negative effect on their physical or mental health. The current state also diminishes organizational health and performance, including lower employee engagement, employee wellness, and productivity. It doesn't have to be this way. The best culture to help people cope with stress is a connection culture. Connection is defined as a bond based on shared identity, empathy, and understanding that moves individuals toward group-centered membership. One prominent neuroscientist describes connection as a superpower because it makes people more productive, healthier and happier. In this session participants will learn: * how to identify overstressed people in the workplace * how to maximize “challenge stress” and minimize “toxic stress” * 3 types of relational subcultures in every organization * 3 essential elements of a life-giving, high-performance connection culture * mini case studies and best practices of leading organizations.



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