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Leadership ​Development

Creating Highly Functional Virtual Teams

Speaker: Jennifer Hofmann

Can a virtual team be as effective as a collocated team? This is a question that organizations are debating, and the arguments on both sides are compelling. Factors such as work-life balance and organizational savings need to be balanced with the value of face-to-face collaboration and managerial oversight. Regardless of if you personally embrace the concept, you likely will be a member of a virtual team during your career. The reality is, a virtual team can be very effective if the correct conditions are met and maintained. It's about putting together the right personalities, ensuring that they have the right tools, and leading the team successfully. This webcast will discuss the arguments for and against establishing a virtual team, and use real life examples to address six key enablers for success. Attendees will learn how to: * Form a virtual team by identifying the profile of an effective virtual team and its players, and how to engage existing team members in selecting new team members. * Enable a virtual team by ensuring that the right technologies and processes are in place to ensure success. * Maintain a virtual team by creating inter-reliability, trust, and teamwork. * Protect a virtual team by identifying and managing issues before they become destructive. * Lead a virtual team by establishing credibility while maintaining the right balance of oversight and empowerment. * Reward a virtual team by creating long-distance team-building opportunities.