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Leadership ​​​Development

Leadership Development in a Cross-Cultural Organization: Case of Hyundai Motor Group China

Speaker: Chan Lee

This session will introduce the case of Hyundai Motor Group China on developing the human resources development (HRD) roadmap and the leadership training system. The HRD roadmap was built upon as a result of the HRD maturity diagnosis. Defining the current HRD state of an organization, the HRD maturity diagnosis tool gives guidance for enhancing HRD capability within an organization. The tool was composed of three dimensions of strategic human resources development: organizational learning, organizational performance, and organizational change. Since the diagnosis instrument was originally introduced in 2012, this session will present the empirical case of the diagnosis from Hyundai Motor Group China. Hyundai Motor Group China also developed the competency model and the leadership training system. The session will present the HRD maturity of the Chinese corporation and provide knowledge, and skills for practitioners who need to implement an HRD maturity model and leadership training system in cross-cultural organizations. This session encompasses lectures, buzz group discussions, and hands-on practice. You will be able to reinforce your understanding through discussions on how to enhance corporate HRD capability. You will also have opportunities to participate in the HRD maturity survey during the session.



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