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Integrated Talent Management

Evidence-Based Care Management

Speaker: Ben Locwin

If you go to a healthcare clinic or hospital, do you think you’ll receive the best possible treatment for your condition? Similarly, do you think that your business is actually taking advantage of the most current tools and concepts so employees can perform at their best? Unfortunately, this is not often the case. The rate of adoption of a new or better healthcare treatment suffers in the wake of what the presenter calls “clinical practice inertia.” The same lag occurs in organizational management practice. A survey of more than 1,000 healthcare practitioners nationwide found that 76 percent wanted more education and skills-building opportunities in evidence-based practice to be able to perform better. Join this webcast to learn: * where decision making in healthcare (and business) goes wrong * what the evidence says about improving decision making * how to overcome these barriers to success in your own organization to allow employees to take full advantage of development opportunities.