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7 Best Practices to Boost Employee Engagement

Speaker: Michael Lee Stallard

In the average organization three out of 10 employees are engaged, while in the best organizations the number climbs to six or more. The low rate of engagement hasn't budged in more than a decade. Why? Employee engagement surveys and programs are not enough. Higher engagement is rooted in a culture whose language, attitudes, and behaviors make people feel connected to one another, rather than unsupported, left out, or alone. Employees in an organization with a high degree of connection are more productive, engaged, collaborative, and less likely to leave. In fact, research demonstrates that there is a set of learnable leadership behaviors that can ignite the workforce so individuals do more than survive—they thrive. Sharing knowledge integrated from multiple fields, including neuroscience, organizational behavior, psychology, sociology, history, and proprietary research, Michael Lee Stallard, president of E Pluribus Partners, describes the “connection culture” that every organization needs to boost employee engagement and to thrive for sustained periods of time. During this session, you will learn: * three psychosocial cultures * three core elements of a connection culture * seven best practices (language, attitudes, and behaviors) that connect to boost engagement.



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