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Five Secrets of Exceptional Managers Who Develop Their Workforce Daily

Speaker: Wendy Axelrod

Did you know that workforce development can be achieved with low cost and virtually no time away from the work? Imagine employees being developed in their jobs every day--not off the job, but in the job, with expert guidance from their managers. Yet, only 10 percent of managers actually do this. In this session, you will learn how outstanding managers (researched from companies such as Nike, Corning, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, and Merck) boldly embrace hands-on employee development. They use five practices of exceptional development managers (EDMs) to generate impressive gains in workforce capabilities. These EDMs have the know-how to: astutely provide tailored stretch assignments; elegantly increase employees' self awareness; use development partners wisely; and shape the environment to drive development. They tuck these practices into their daily management routines without adding more work to their load. And, their developmental actions are tied to department goals, leading to even greater performance results. Collaborate with colleagues on an intriguing case study as you explore how managers can realistically adapt these practices, and then plan the initial steps you will take to equip managers to become exceptional at hands-on development of others. A template will be provided to support your further efforts to shape EDM practices with your managers.



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