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Engagement & Motivation

Creating More Effective Online Training Through Interactivity -- No Coding Required

Speaker: Christopher Poseley

Slide decks and videos are wonderful training tools, but have you ever wondered if there is a better way to engage learners? Are you leveraging the power of computers and the Internet to bring training to life? Join Christopher Poseley, vice-president of business development at Versal, to explore the value of active learning as he details how to create interactive online courses that rival classroom-style exercises. Learn methods to improve retention and make training more effective. View case studies from companies at the forefront of online training. Three Learning Takeaways: 1. Interactivity and engagement is key to establishing long-term training retention. 2. Consistent assessment throughout an educational experience is necessary to track learner progress and ensure quality training (and ROI). 3. Discover a new, interactive training platform through



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