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Employee Engagement

TD: Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Speaker: Lynda McDermott

Research during the last two decades suggests that the most successful performers in organizations are alike in one critical way—they all have emotional intelligence. Most of us have probably been admonished at some point in our professional careers: “Don’t be so emotional” or “Don’t take it personally.” However, leadership and organizational research suggests that emotions are a natural part of the brain’s decision-making process and should not be ignored or disregarded. In fact, our emotional intelligence is our capacity to recognize and manage our emotions and those of others. In this webinar, attendees will: * Understand the components of emotional intelligence and do a self-assessment of their own emotional intelligence. * Recognize their own triggers for negative workplace situations and relationships. * Learn how to use emotional intelligence skills to control their own reactions in difficult situations and facilitate productive discussions and relationships with colleagues and clients. * Develop a specific plan of action for improving their emotional intelligence skills.



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