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Culture Management

Creating a Patients First Culture: How the Cleveland Clinic Produced Lasting, Sustainable Change

Speaker: Michael O'Connell

“Patients first” is the guiding principle of the Cleveland Clinic; the organization strives to provide outstanding and compassionate care and service. But creating the kind of culture capable of delivering such comprehensive service was a process years in the making. When the Cleveland Clinic created a program for a networkwide culture shift, the organization had two goals: Create a more satisfying experience for patients and produce highly engaged employees. Many years and several lessons learned later, the successful cultural shift positively affects millions of patients and thousands of employees. This webinar will look at what it took to create such a fundamental cultural shift and the framework the Cleveland Clinic uses daily to maintain it. In this webinar, you will learn how to: -Implement cultural change in a large healthcare system. -Sustain that cultural change even when more than 70 percent of traditional change efforts do not succeed. -Create lasting strategies to improve physician, clinical staff, and hospital employee engagement.



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