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The Nuts and Bolts of Virtual Supervision

Speaker: Erika Tedesco

Do you, or your employees, work outside a traditional office? That might mean working from home on occasional mornings or being completely based at your local coffee shop. Perhaps you supervise sales staff in a large geographic area or are responsible for a team of global technology professionals. Mobile workforces are a growing and permanent trend and management strategies need to keep pace. In this session we will discuss the building blocks of managing your remote workforce. These foundational tools will help prepare you to lead, not just manage, your team. You will learn to: ? Align job descriptions with virtual positions. Learn the top five words to include when building a job description for a remote employee. ? Manage meetings in the Cloud. You will be given a meeting template, which you will personalize, for use in facilitating remote meetings. ? Delegate and monitor project progress. ? Evaluate your remote employee's performance. Use our simple form to help evaluate project performance and support your annual appraisal.



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