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Career Management

Your Workplace Culture: Life-Giving or Draining the Life Out of You?

Speaker: Michael Lee Stallard

In this webcast, Michael Lee Stallard will describe the three predominant relational cultures in the workplace and how each affects your productivity, health, and happiness. The webcast is based on the book Connection Culture: The Competitive Advantage of Shared Identity, Empathy, and Understanding at Work, which is the Amazon number 1 new release in leadership training and was praised in the Financial Times for providing “practical suggestions for employers who want to change their organizational culture.” In this webcast, you will learn: * six universal human needs to thrive at work * three types of relational cultures in today's workplace * how workplace cultures affect productivity, health, and happiness * three elements of a connection culture * practices that will help you and your team, department, or organization connect and thrive.



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