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Career Management

Develop an Actionable Competency Model in Weeks!

Speaker: Cheryl Lasse

Think you don't have time to create competency models for the jobs you support? We'll show you an Agile methodology for getting them built in a way most likely to be embraced and made actionable. Competency models provide a baseline that tells you what skill gaps exist and what development activities are needed. They intrinsically drive achievement motivation. They provide each person with a road map for how to be great. With the increased pace of change, fewer years of tenure in a job, employee desire for self-directed improvement and career development, and knowledge drain from retiring baby boomers, competency models are more necessary than ever to provide your organization or association with a competitive advantage. In this webcast, you'll learn: * steps to create the competency model, along with templates we’ll provide to help you do it * how this process can help you protect the knowledge and best practices of those set to retire * how to make your competency models actionable and strategic.



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