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A Culture of Engagement: Making a Difference Every Day Through Leadership Behaviors

Speaker: Martin Wright

With a clear understanding of the interdependencies of safety, quality, patient experience, and employee engagement, many organizations are beginning to focus on how they can best leverage their most valuable asset—their people. The difficult task for those in leadership positions is to create alignment and inspire their caregivers while managing high volumes and an ever-changing environment. In this interactive session, we will explore the interdependencies of employee engagement on the patient experience. We will discuss why organizations struggle to sustain high performance, outline the road map for how to drive outcomes through people, and discuss ways to accelerate improvement through leadership behaviors. We will also discover behaviors and tactics that, when included as part of daily standard work, can improve outcomes while also streamlining and decreasing duplicative efforts, including: - defining the interdependency of patient experience and employee engagement - discovering why organizations struggle to sustain high performance - accelerating improvement through leadership - building trust and respect - increasing communication and visibility - proving committment and authenticity - finding joy and building personal resilience


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