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5 Learning Trends for 2020: Re-Humanizing L&D for the Workforce of the Future

Speaker: Don Duquette

The needs of today’s learners are changing in challenging ways. On one hand, their thirst for anywhere/anytime digital learning is increasing. On the other hand, they crave human connection and collaboration in the learning process. In addition, the larger thrust of digital transformation is also changing the ways, places, and processes of their work, requiring significant reskilling of the workforce to remain competitive. With everything going digital, how do we re-humanize the learning process and build a future workforce that thrives in a competitive landscape? Join GP Strategies as we discuss learning trends that build on the best of both worlds—human connection and digital efficiency. In this 60-minute webcast, we’ll cover the benefits of future-focused tools and talent strategies, such as: • behaviorally focused digital apps • design thinking • immersive learning, including AR and VR • artificial Intelligence • learner experience. None of these trends have any value unless they fit within the organizational culture and tie back to business outcomes. For these trends to align, organizations also need to focus on leadership development, soft skills, better communication, coaching, and data literacy, among other skills that make a human workforce more meaningful than an automated one. We’re at a critical juncture in building the workforce of the future. Don’t miss this informative webcast filled with thoughts on how to build collaboration and connection into an increasingly digital world.


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