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Demystifying Learning Analytics

Speaker: Toni Hodges DeTuncq

Much effort goes into designing a performance improvement program such as a training event, and much money is invested. And the often-dreaded question is, “How do we know that our resources have been invested well?” It’s a fair question. After all, just because there are people involved doesn’t mean the business shouldn’t know if the investment it is making in them is a wise one. Finding out the strengths and weaknesses of our programs, as well as their overall value, can be daunting. So be honest, don’t we just want to cross our fingers and believe that the program is providing value out there somehow? However, the truth is, we’d better ask the investment question of ourselves before someone else asks us for the answers. This webinar will enable you to: determine why you need to measure and evaluate develop business-driven objectives devise practical ways to collect data dialyze data quickly present data accurately.


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