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Innovations in Healthcare Workforce Development

Speaker: Robert Frist

The 5.5 million employees working in our U.S. hospitals are faced with significant challenges and opportunities as our health system is in the process of unprecedented reform. The goals of improving the quality of patient care, producing better clinical outcomes, and making hospital environments safer for patients constitute the foundation for multiple public and private industry initiatives. The success of these goals, necessarily, depends on a well-trained, developed workforce since the 'currency' of healthcare delivery has always been-and remains-healthcare knowledge. This presentation will discuss the latest and most exciting innovations in healthcare workforce development-and the impact they're having in healthcare delivery. New approaches to onboarding nurses and clinical staff will be discussed-as ensuring an effective transition to practice is of critical importance in the healthcare setting. Innovative approaches for measuring, validating, and managing clinical competencies will be discussed-as this process carries unique requirements in the healthcare industry. The most effective learning pedagogies in healthcare, including simulation-based training, will be included in this presentation.


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